Automotive starter common fault analysis and maintenance method

Date: 2016-10-15    Hits: 4272

As is known to all, the engine shaft need external support, automotive starter is in this role. Can be the starter electric power into mechanical energy battery, drive the engine flywheel spinning realize engine start-up. In general, with three components starter to realize the starting process. Dc machines from the current introduced and battery driven gear produce starter mechanical movement; Transmission mechanism will drive gear meshing into fly, can also gear ring off automatically after the engine start open; While the hige starter circuit by an electromagnetic switch to control. Among them, the motor is the main components, internal starter, it works is that we in the junior middle school physics in contact with the laws of the based in amperes of energy conversion process, namely electricity conductors in magnetic field force role. Motor including necessary armature, commutator, pole, brush, bearings and the shell unit etc.


Common phenomenon:


1. On starting switches, the starter high-speed and engine crank no reaction. This kind of phenomenon that occurred in the starter motor fault on the drive mechanism, which may be driving gear or one-way clutch caused by the wear and tear.


2. Starter does not work properly, driving gear don't turn. The reasons of this phenomenon caused many problems, such as the power cord, start switch contact dish ablation and excessive engine resistance, etc.


3. Starter power output is insufficient, can't drive the crankshaft. Excitation coil short-circuit and batteries kui electricity all can trigger starter underpowered.


4. Voice harsh starter operation. This could be one-way clutch card death or starter caused by the improper installation.


5. Starter switch with "da da" voice, but don't work. Keep coil disconnected or battery electric will lead to serious deficit this phenomenon.


Maintenance advice:


Within the automotive starter in not damage the precious parts, easily, but in order to prolong the service life of starter, proper usage is also required. In the process of starting the engine starter, introduced from 300 to 400Ah battery power, so in order to prevent the flow or damage to the battery appeared the phenomenon, starting time should not exceed 5s; Winter prone to start difficult phenomenon, many times each start-up time starting shoulds not be too long, should also said starting leave appropriate intervals.