Start motor common fault analysis

Date: 2016-10-15    Hits: 4175

Can't run or running weakness

Common reasons:

Battery shortage; Batteries and start motor attachment disconnect, connection between battery loose or provide clip extremely column heavy oxidation; Electromagnetic switch diverting piece serious ablation or poor contact with two big tweeters; Brush wear excessive, spring break or electric charge in brush frame; Brush and rectifier smeary or rectifier slices between serious ablation; Winding local short circuit or breakers; The armature windings and commutation of welding place; a off Bearing or copper rotor sweep of its mouth; wear cause When installed 4 brush equipped wrong or new position large clearance of collar.


Startup spatio-temporal turn

(1) contact premature, touch the electromagnetic switch gear engagement hasn't meshing, start motor that has been turning.

(2) the gearshift forks not installed correctly, dial the fork slippery column installed in mobile bushings of motor gear can't and dial turning fork together.

(3) core and receive electromagnetic switch of the gap between putting too much.

(4) start motor gear badly worn gear, cannot and flying lap mesh.

(5) sliding, cannot drive unidirectional clutch gear rotating flying lap.


Loosen start switch motor still turn

(1) the electromagnetic switch diversion piece with two terminals welding together.

(2) the return of spring break.

(3) eccentric screw adjusting is not correct.


Electromagnetic switch often suck to often open

The so-called electromagnetic switch often suck to often open, it is to point to in the press start switch, electromagnetic switch after the core has just been sucked up just off and off again by suck up immediately after take off, then immediately, the purpose of reach start the engine. Appear this kind of fault phenomenon is to keep a common cause of coil open circuit.